Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

To my English-speaking readers

Dear readers,

writing a bilingual blog is a very fulfilling thing to do. You can reach more people, which is a great thing when the purpose of your blog is helping people understand horses and helping horses to have a better life. But it's also very time consuming.

It's not just the translating, it's simply the amount of time that you need to type a long text. And often I don't even translate my own words. I write a complete new article in English, because I want to say it with my own words, sometimes the outcome is better that way than when I simply translate. Anyways, you know how long some of my posts are. I need hours to produce them. Other bloggers probably know what I'm talking about. Now imagine, writing the same post in English as well, doubles the amount of time.

As you may noticed, English is not my first and native language. It takes some concentration to get a good result and I'm sure it's far from "a good read". But I feel at least I'm able to get a message across. I really like that feeling and I know that a few people that don't speak German at least occasionally read my blog. Thank you for stopping by!

But facing the fact that the numbers of those people went down (at least in my statistics only 20% of my readers do not speak German) I started wondering whether it's still worth the effort.

If you are an English-speaking reader of my blog, please contact me!

Depending on how many answers I receive, I will decide whether I will still offer my posts in English or if I will only make them available in German from now on.

Deadline will be 1st November 2015.

Message me via Facebook, leave a comment below or write an E-Mail to

Thank you!


~ Dieser Artikel ist für meine wenigen Leser, die nicht Deutsch sprechen. Da der Anteil gering, der Aufwand aber sehr hoch ist, spiele ich mit dem Gedanken aus meinem zweisprachigem Blog einen einsprachigen zu machen. Blogposts würden dann nur noch auf Deutsch erscheinen. Ich frage in diesem Post nach Rückmeldung von meinen englischsprachigen Lesern. ~

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